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What is the Boring Process?

The Boring process is a machining operation designed to enlarge and refine existing holes or cylindrical cavities within a workpiece. It involves the use of specialized tools, known as borers or boring heads, to achieve precise dimensional control and surface finish.

At Quintess International, we utilize Vertical Boring Machines, also known as Super Wolgas, to perform boring operations. These machines enable us to maintain dimensional accuracy, taper, ovality, and surface finish in our products.

Whether we are boring a cannon barrel or an engine cylinder, we use a single-point cutting tool or a boring head comprising several such tools to expand a hole that has already been drilled or cast. This process enables us to achieve the required levels of accuracy and precision in our products.

However, Our Boring infrastructure is equipped with advanced machinery. We understand that the accuracy of components is paramount in various industries.

We also ensure that the parts we manufacture are perfectly surface finish, fully compatible and problem-free installation.