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What is the Packaging and Dispatch Process?

The Packaging and Dispatch process is the final phase in the manufacturing journey of our components. It involves the careful packaging of the finished products to protect them during transit and ensure their safe delivery to the intended destination. Proper packaging is essential to prevent damage, corrosion, and contamination while maintaining the components' integrity.

Quintess International takes pride in delivering high-quality products to its customers. Our commitment to excellence does not end with the production of goods; we also ensure that our products are delivered to the customers in the same quality in which they were produced.

We use the below process for the best outcome

Ultrasonic Cleaning: Before packaging, our components undergo ultrasonic cleaning to remove any contaminants or residues.

Cylinder Liners: We specialize in manufacturing cylinder liners, and our packaging process is tailored to safeguard these critical components.

VCI Paper: Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) paper is used to protect components from corrosion during storage and transit.

Corrugated Box: Our components are securely packed in corrugated boxes that provide excellent protection against mechanical shocks and vibrations.

Our packaging and dispatch team is dedicated to getting the products to our customers on time. With our commitment to quality and our team's hard work, Quintess International delivers customer satisfaction every time.

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