A leading manufacturer and Exporter of cylinder liners, sleeves, Air Cooled Block & Other Automotive Parts.

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We have Laser Marking machine for marking the Logo. Neat, Clean & Indelible markings of Logos & Part no. are marked which doesn’t produce stress or change in physical properties of materials. Marking are proof from chemicals, water, Oil, Grease and other fuels.

Because the manufacturing business employs tried-and-true processes and operations, there is always room for error. One of the major aims of Quintess International is to minimize human error and quality issues so that they can consistently produce reliable consumer products that end up satisfying our clients.

Our laser marking systems have been shown to provide high-contrast marks that last the life of the product. Our several varieties of laser markers can print on complex components such as metal, copper, silver, gold, and ceramics. As a more environmentally friendly method to manufacturing products, our Application Lab creates appealing consumer-facing graphics.