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What is the Machining Process?

The Machining process is a subtractive manufacturing method used to remove material from a workpiece to create precise shapes and dimensions. It encompasses various techniques such as turning, milling, drilling, and grinding. Machining is the production of components with tight tolerances and critical dimensions.

Quintess International's Machining infrastructure is equipped with modern, high-performance machinery, making it a key player in our manufacturing process.

We listed some ways to utilize the exceptional infrastructure.

Heavy-Duty Capabilities: We specialize in machining heavy-duty components that are robust and built to withstand extreme conditions.

Semi-Finish Machining: Our semi-finish machining capabilities enable us to produce components with near-final specifications. This approach reduces the need for extensive finishing processes, saving time and costs.

Our Machining process is not limited to simply shaping materials; it's about creating components that meet the most demanding requirements of various industries. We recognize that heavy-duty machinery and equipment depend on components that can perform reliably and consistently, even in the most difficult environments.

At Quintess International, we pride ourselves on having a well-equipped machine shop. Our CNC and SPM machines, along with heavy-duty Lath Machines, enable us to perform rough and semi-finish machining with high accuracy in dimensional parameters, surface roughness, and geometric parameters. We also have SPM for outside and bore machining combined operations.